Launched in June at the E3 video footage shown to Tomb Raidersuggested that Quick time events will play a major role in the newLara Croft adventure. Which is not, however, so now the developerlogs in a video interview with the website to speak. "Wewant to use quicktime events effectively. It is really important forus to offer an intense and cinematic experience. In some places wecan do that best with quick time events as we continue to deliverchallenging gameplay, of course. The biggest emotion to be generatedby the interplay of camera, sound and animation.

Hughes is in the course of the videothat the E3 presentation of Tomb Raider, the Quick Time Events hasused a little too often. The scenes shown are just a small part ofthe game experience was dramatic, the game has to offer.

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Tomb Raider is a complete restart ofthe game series to the archaeologist Lara Croft dar. The developerCrystal Dynamics for the first time puts the player into the role ofthe 21-year old Lara, the heroine can occur the first time as anemotional and vulnerable protagonist. Tomb Raider is to appear in thesecond half of 2012 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.