Last Wednesday, the development studio Gearbox the first-personshooter Borderlands 2officially announced , there has been thisweekend,the first tangible information to the title. Thus, somereaders might already have a look at the preview of Boder Lands 2 inthe current issue of the American video game throwing magazine GameInformer. Friendly way to share their reading experience ondifferentforums with the public.

This basicconcept from its predecessor is inBorderland 2 find as well: It is avery unusual first-person shooter with cel-shaded look. The changescan be found in more detail. There will be a new element calledEridium that the effect of other elements or weapons reinforce andcan also be used as currency. Speaking of Weapons: The player willfind no weapons of Borderlands in Part 2, the developers at Gearboxstart again at 0 Whether the player can also produce its own weapons,does not betray the article. Sell ​​the NPCs, the weapons, butmore recently to have its own personality, which one should notetheir products.

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The skill tree will again allow three different specializations. Alsoagain this is that the co-op mode. It is not yet confirmed how manyplayersBoder country 2 can be played cooperatively, but it is impliedthat at least four players together again to explore the world offirst-person shooter. The four known figures from the previous gamewill show up as NPCs, while the player in Borderlands 2 can take overthe role of four completely new game pieces. One is thefriendly-looking guy next to these lines. He is "Salvador,"Gunzerker called as a special ability and can use two weaponssimultaneously -. No matter what the missions of two Boder country nolonger run as static as that of the predecessor to.