The Australian development studio Team Bondi is reportedly bankrupt.According to an article in the NeoGAF forum to the employees of thestudio, which last at LA Noire has been working, stay with theKMM-studios in Brisbane, Australia.KMM is currently working on a gamefor the animated film Happy Feet 2, and was founded by the creator ofMad Max George Miller.Brendan McNamara, CEO of Team Bondi is KMM havebeen several times when visiting the takeover to organize.

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Depth Analysis, a sister company ofTeam Bondi, and owner of facial animation technology used in LA Noireis used, should also are in financial difficulties. The sluggishsales of detective adventures are largely have been for the collapsetransition of both companies.Rockstar Games, the former publisher ofthe studio, continues to hold the rights to the LA Noire franchise.Neither Team Bondi, KMM still have so far commented on the rumors.