Id Software's id Tech 5 engine, which the ego shooter Rage is used,Nintendo's Wii would overwhelm. For this reason, there will be no Wiiversion of the apocalyptic shooter, the id-chief Todd Hollenshead inan interview . "Even if Nintendo does not like to hear is thatthe id Tech 5 technology too much for the Wii. We do not make crappyversion of Rage for the Wii. If you get on the PC, PlayStation 3 orXbox 360, the total package. We do not crippled version becausesomeone wants to play on a different platform, so, "Hollenshead.

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When asked about a Wii version of RageU-Hollenshead could not make any concrete statement. "I have nothad the chance to sit down with John Carmack. On the basis of whatNintendo says the Wii looks interesting from U but we only have tolook like the id Tech 5 runs on it and whether the target group isright for us to develop for this platform. "