Good thingstake time. A motto that few developers can afford today. Too big isthe pressure of the publisher. The development studio CD projectappears to have the time: Just before the gamescom the Poles of theXbox 360 version have The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings moved toFebruary 2012. Yet the makers in Cologne show scenes from the firstconsole version of role playing. And what we have seen there isalready very promising.

Theavailable since May PC version of The Witcher 2 (PC World Rating: 87- to the test ) was developed by the global trade press lavishedalmost exclusively with dream scores. The role play is one of themost beautiful of all. And the freedom of choice and the impact onthe story are characteristic features of the game. The makers it isimportant that the role play sprayed on the Xbox 360 the same charm,as on the PC and that the experience is the same. Therefore,developers do not officially speak of a port, but from an adaptation.

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In the demo, the protagonist Geraltwalks through the forest with dwarf reinforcements. This shows thatCD works project to implement a 1:1: All the plants are where theyare also found in the PC version, (rocking slowly leaves the ground),even lighting and particle effects correspond to the computer model.Succeeded in really good developers the detailed armor and clothingof the characters and the mood light in the forest sections are shownto be proud of.