The new handheld will appear in 2012,have two analog sticks, a new design and - surprise - return the 3Ddisplay strong. What is meant is unclear. Anyone who is bothered bythe 3D graphics of the 3DS can turn them off now. The new device, thesource said probably also get a new name, not as 3DS Lite, like itspredecessor console Nintendo DS. is the shortcoming that the 3DS hasonly one analog stick, also be solved for 3DS owners via hardwareadd-on.

The article is of "additionalhardware" for 10 U.S. dollars a speech perhaps a kind ofslip-stick, which is placed above the buttons on the right side ofthe 3DS. The source also speaks of a tough approval process forthird-party titles by Nintendo. There were only a few developmentkits and a waiting list for companies that want to develop for the3DS.

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The result:. Which is still sorelyscanty software offering for the 3DS how credible the source is, wedo not know. 01net. but maintains a high regard and it refers toearlier correct inside information about the U. Wii , Nintendo hasonly recently with the price of success for the Nintendo 3DS greatlyreduced by the sales boost.