Borderlands 2 should be greater than the first part. The art directorJeramy Cooke responsible confessed in an interview on the game showPAX Prime. "It definitely is a bigger world this time I wouldsay that we have about a third more space than built in the lastgame," said Cook.Thus, not the players run, and the map wasrevised in Borderlands 2, which can also be permanently displayed asa mini map. The vast areas are seamlessly interconnected and overlap.A continuous world the designers had to develop very important: "Ifyou stand in the demo example on the dam, you see the desert in thesouth and on the other side of the frozen steppes. It's allconnected."

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So Cooke has also been unveiled anotherinnovation. For in Borderlands 2 the players leave the desert sceneryand explore different climate zones: "We thought that it is timeto go out and explore the rest of Pandora - you'll get grass, you'llget ice, you get volcanoes".