Minecraft was the indie sensation oflast year. Almost out of nowhere appeared on the cover and what then,developed a track record was unparalleled. Over three million copieswere bought so far Minecraft and the Internet is full of videositself created worlds. Almost no one could resist the fascination ofthe blocks construction set. Far too tempting it is to let hiscreativity free rein, not to be forced by a fixed level limitationsin corset - so easy to get not even given by a developer, what didthey do now.

Totalfreedom is a wishful thinking, but at least try Minecraft this dreamin a playful way to give expression. With the Minecraft - PocketEdition of Majong developers this freedom now takes place at adifferent level. Now, you are no longer tied to the home screen, butcan also give way to the fascination of mine Craft. At the moment,however, this privilege is still reserved for owners of handheldsmartphone Xperia combination play, a version of IOS hardware andother Android devices will follow, but still.

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However, if there really someone outthere who has never heard of Minecraft, here again the gameplay in anutshell: The world of mine Craft is composed exclusively of smallblocks. These consist of various materials, such as earth, wood,stone or glass. Which you can then either reduce, or translated intothe new cube environment to construct buildings or landscapes thatrival even the buildings of the greatest architects of humanity intonothing. Everything is possible, from the little hut to the giganticcathedral - your imagination has virtually no limits. After herMinecraft - have launched Pocket Edition, you read in large letters,the title of the game.