That the action role-playing Dead Iceland The ESRB hurdle would nottake, it was clear already after the first released screenshots andmoving images. Too much Geschnetzel and carnage, too much blood, toomany flying body parts, in short, too much violence. The publisherDeep Silver has thought the same and the Dead Iceland USK not evensubmitted for consideration. Thus, no USK-Siegel, a speedy indexingis not unlikely. Nevertheless, the game (yet) buy into the PEGIversion quite normal - if it's the age of 18. In the hands of youngchildren or even the title has lost right to anything. Adults whohave a soft spot for zombie entertainment, open-world games andsuccessful role-playing elements, we can recommend, however, IcelandDead.

Before you go on in Dead or Iceland, wehave to choose one of four possible characters. Two women and two menare standing for election. All four have different abilities, oneunites the hero, however. They are immune to the zombie plague thathas broken out over night on a small resort island called Banoi inOceania Shortly after waking up in our hotel room we have only onedesire: to find out why It is strangely silent in our Touribunker. Ina nearby room, we found a dead couple (that we know already from theimpressive, running backwards from Dead Trailer Iceland).

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The two can tell us nothing more.Therefore, our path leads us through empty corridors and rooms.Suitcase lying around everywhere only suggest that it should actuallyteeming with people that way. After all, can and should we stealmoney from the suitcases. There's more to do and we do not firstbegin to bore us. To us a voice over the speaker hotel prompts you torapidly disappear from the building and to open us to the beach. Andfor heaven's sake, we should go out of the way the zombies. Zombies!Since it is finite, the word that explains everything. The silence,the dead couple - and this greedy grunts, groans and gasps thatechoed down the corridors. Better for us to forgive.