While Rockstar is preparing the arrivalof LA Noire PC (an adaptation entrusted to the studio in Leeds),nothing works at Team Bondi, the Australian studio of BrendanMcNamara. If the latter (who worked on The Gateway before the black)is paid for years the reputation of being versatile enough, it tendsto confirm recent weeks, setting up a climate of suspicion aroundTeam Bondi.

Indeed, Develop recently said beingcloser to a new structure of production, Kennedy Miller Mitchell (KMMor), to which he had sold certain intellectual property. A climatethat is not questionable recent, since July have we learned that aseries of e-mails were part of a pernicious atmosphere at Team Bondiand really bad working conditions, while LA Noire The game was indevelopment for over six years, was finally released.

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A case of emails that has taken on newproportions when a former employee of the Australian studio and outof the woods, on condition of anonymity, described the relationshipmaintained by Rockstar with Team Bondi.