Rock of Agesis at first a game of skill.Well, that's a prettyexpansive definition, but the title is close to narrow,difficult.Basically it's about tearing down our house-sized boulders,the enemy gate, before our opponents (AI or real players) was createdwith our gate.The skirmish is divided into two phases: theconstruction phase, in which we make the opponents defense systemssuch as high towers, explosive barrels and angry cows in the road,and the attack phase.In it we control the rock from the pursuersperspective, dodging obstacles, or roll them down and try to hit theenemy gates with the highest possible speed.For destroyed buildingson the way we get gold, which in turn we can put in new defensesystems.

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A real story is not Rock of Ages, but a(very thin), red thread, dangling from the missions, like pearls on astring: Sisyphus in Hades lies down with the titanium Cronus (Kronusis written in the game) and flees into the world ofmortals.Henceforth, we crumble using Sisyphus' rock all sorts ofcelebrities from antiquity to the romance. Our enemies including KingLeonidas of Sparta, the philosopher Socrates and the French Sun KingLouis XIV count before each mission provide a short movie snippetsbefore the next enemy.This introduction sequences are staged so funnythat we had ever laugh out loud.Have waived the developers on afull-blown story, however, is a shame: A story on the level of thefilm clips would have been good for the game.And certainly our funnybone.