The alone executable extension " Festival of Blood "to thePlayStation 3 action game Portal 2be released on 26 October on thePlayStation Network (PSN) and will cost around 15 . This wasannounced by the publisher Sony. New inPortal 2: Festival of Blood .is the PlayStation Move-support that will work not only in the addon,but after installing the DLC in the main game is not clear yetwhether Sony will move support even for free as a patch for thepeople will offer, which Portal 2: Festival of Blood does not want tobuy.

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In Portal 2: Festival of Blood cultistsuse the blood of major superhero character Cole McGrath to awaken thedead. The result: a vampire disease covering the hurricane and afterthe events of Portal 2 already severely battered southern city of NewMarais. McGrath has put in a night festival of Blood to the time linefor the Grand Vampire. First animated sequences from Portal 2:Festival of Blood is a trailer for the game.