The developer Eidos Montreal has on his official Tumblr blog onplaying time for the recently announced Deus Ex: Human RevolutionDLCs ​​"The Missing Link" expressed. Most players willtherefore need to download extension just under five hours. As usual,the game time but varying depending on the approach and game-type, sothe developer in the blog entry.

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The "Missing Link" DLCextends the history of first-person shooter Deus Ex: Human Revolutionand once again lets players slip into the role of Adam Jensen. Thiswas tortured and is being held on a mysterious freighter. Deactivatedwith augmentation tempted by the prison ship to escape. The DLC isprojected by the site Gamefront be accessible from the main menu andis not integrated into the main game. The nearly 1.5-gigabytedownload extension will appear in October this year for PlayStation3, Xbox 360 and PC. The price is expressed Eidos Montreal is not far.