El Shaddai has only one problem, onewould like to love it but it is too limited on matters as crucial asthe level design, combat or rhythm for that passion can overridereason. Yet it was all beat 'em all on paper so that players love it.A truly original atmosphere, an aesthetic that sought also singular,a quest for simplicity that should save him, a soundtrack justterrible (ly blocked) and accessible gameplay. In short, a hit forany power gamer trips attracted to arty.

No luck, behind the facade lies a veryattractive fix shortcomings fun. Because we can - and should! Plentyto blame El Shaddai. Have to use a pair of characters (Enoch andLucifer) too unlikely to appeal. But also to settle for a fighthighly repetitive and balanced around only three weapons (thatlittle, especially for a beat 'em all). Or not to have been able toenhance its level of a platitude that are quite disconcerting to go.

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To believe that it is much the mostimportant aspects of the game that the guys from Ignition Tokyovoluntarily sidelined to focus on what was really the guts, namelythe establishment of a crazy atmosphere, served by a crazy graphicsand music Barjas. In short, a game "more hype you die"characterized by its highly gendered heroes that have terrified abuzz even before the Japanese release of the game, especially sincegood, Enoch in question is the book of the same name, the biblicalbook for review video game advanced form of esotericism. Prior to agame, El Shaddai is a product that seems to have been only designedto frighten the geeks and be powered directly to the Pantheon of thatculture.