Thedevelopment studio Neversoft worked with great probability of a firstperson shooter. The company is looking at the official website tennew employees, all of which should work on a first-person shooter.Here, among other things for a "Windows PC Platform LeadEngineer: FPS," and for a "Single Player Design Scripter:FPS," and after a "lead multiplayer level designer: FPS'sought.

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Without getting too far out on a limb,it is therefore relatively sure that the next title from Neversoft, afirst-person shooter that also appears on the PC and offer both asingle-player campaign has a multiplayer part is . It should be notedthat the development studio in June last year, some tenderspublished, according to those employees for a shooter project weresought. Neversoft is primarily we work on games like Guitar Hero:World Tour or episodes of Tony Hawk's series known . The studio hasalso in 2005, the moderately successful, but playfully compelling3rd-person shooter Gun published. Because Neversoft ActivisionBlizzard is installed, plus a participation in a future Call of Dutysection not ruled out.