In TheCursed Crusade for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 has the young knightDenz de Bayle problem, one that wants to get rid of it like:inherited from his father He can change the notorious TemplarPirates, whose support throughout the mood takes between this worldand a parallel world of hell. In the fiery hell dimension fashionablychic him grow horns and he is much stronger than in the real world.Not really bad, were it not for the inevitable snag: The death Denzis on the trail in order to claw his soul. Of course, the youngnobleman, sets no particular value to the eternal damnation of helland sets off to search for a cure. He joins a group of crusaders, andfinds the Spaniard Esteban Noviembre one fellow - he is afflictedwith the curse. What Denz and Esteban know first: even theircommanders are cursed and have a perfidious plan concocted to gaingodlike power.

As befits a game with knights in thelead roles, ruled at The Crusade Cursed sword. Either alone or inpairs (online or splitscreen) is hacked and sawed against thebackdrop of deserted medieval towns with tons of enemies. Clear thatthis blood is flowing - and even the occasional head whirls throughthe air. The struggles are not due to a lack of opponents lastundynamic acquisition and also staged a very tough and heavy - aswell rip out the gory finisher nothing. Safe: Knight fights were notas nimble and quick, but otherwise the game puts on realism also noincreased value.

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This is evident for example in themyriad of combos can be learned: Once the player collects a newweapon such as Axe, broadsword, spear, or morning star, whose side isin the unlocked screen talent. Against payment in the form of targetpoints to get here fresh punch combinations and finishing moves.