The previous PC-exclusive first-person shooter Crysis is already on the fourth of October this year will appear as downloadable titles for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This site tells the MCVUK. For 1600 MS points or just under 18 you get those already published in 2007 for the PC shooter, which comes in the console version with improved Nanosuit controls, beautiful effects and the new CryEngine third Crysis sends the player as a member of the special forces "Raptor" make on a tropical island to locate a group of missing scientists. The search quickly turns out to be as full-fledged operation against the war, the island filled Koreans. If not then appear aliens sent shock-freeze to the tropical paradise it is uncomfortable.

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Crysis is still celebrated today by many players as one of the most graphically demanding games. Our colleagues from GameStar rated the island-shooter when it was released with outstanding 94-point game fun .It was the successor to Crysis 2 appeared on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 test reached 88 percent.