HDreprints cherished classics of the last generation of consoles arecurrently in vogue. Whether Raccoon Sly Racoon, the Persian prince orLara Croft - all allowed their main adventure once again in disputeresolution. Now, Ubisoft has also Leisetreter Sam Fisher donated a HDmakeover and his first three adventures (Splinter Cell, SplinterCell: Pandora Tomorrow and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory) as theSplinter Cell Trilogy released exclusively for the new PlayStation 3.

In Splinter Cell you slip into the skinof NSA agent Sam Fisher and head you in all sorts of dangerousmissions around the globe. The secret agent stands for a wholearsenal of technical equipment available. Whether night visiondevice, adhesive camera or laser microphone - Sam Fisher knows allabout everything. In addition, the sneak play a real climber andclimbs easily pressed with any projection or both legs between twoclose walls and lurking on the opponents from above. Before you cometo enjoy the Splinter Cell Trilogy, but you have to own a specialhurdle to overcome, namely the 15-minute installation.

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All three versions of the respective PCversion is based, as this is technically superior, according to thedeveloper's console offshoots. But just on the first part of theseries that you realize how quickly time flies. In 2002 he was stilla genuine graphics of fireworks that can be Splinter Cell abgewinnentoday only with much nostalgia a little bonus. Sam moves as if he hada stick in the butt, then the shadows are so highly acclaimed onePixelbrei, and the lips of the characters have felt two animationframes. As well as helping 720p resolution and (in all three parts)pointless 3D effect nothing. Based on the Splinter Cell Trilogy, onecan see very well the technical development over the years. This iswhat Pandora Tomorrow (2004) looks much better, and Chaos Theory(2005) can also be seen to some extent even today.