Rise of Nightmares is an adventurehorror game first person we dress the role of Josh, an Americantourist on holiday in Romania with his wife Kate, after a first steptutorial that shows you the basics of movement and combat, and whichis not played the protagonist, but the unfortunate prisoner of asecret populated by zombie-like beings, we find ourselves on a trainwith Kate while she is about to reveal information apparently a veryimportant before it can do, however, he realizes that Josh covered abottle of liquor in his jacket, apparently due to problems ofalcoholism, and after an angry outburst leaves.

We put it in search of our belovedamong the carriages of the train, meeting various people along theway as the dancers, a group of boys aimed at a rave and a scary gypsywho, after having read the papers, scared us away. Finally we arriveat the restaurant car, we find, however, covered in blood. In the endof the car a disturbing individual with an iron mask is off with Kateon our shoulders before disappearing, he turns to us and the maskopens like a flower with petals of steel, showing a facemonstrous.

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The gameplay of Rise of Nightmares only uses themotion controls, allowing us to wander through Kinect environments,fighting various enemies and objects or interact with environmentalfactors. Unlike what you might think given the other titles releasedso far for the sensor from Microsoft, Sega game is not on railsexperience but allows us to freely explore the environments using aninnovative control system: turning slightly away from right and lefteyes of the protagonist can move in its direction while moving one ofour legs up or down allows us to move it forward or backwards.