The history of Rise of the Argonauts onthe island of Jolco begins, where the king is going to take Jason forthe beautiful bride Alceme, Princess of Mycenae. In the majestichalls of the palace the ceremony is taking place, but the party soonturned to screams and despair: the new queen is brutally stabbed inthe chest by some monsters worship of black magic. Jason swears wayto kill those responsible for the deaths of Alceme, promising tobring her back to life thanks to the powers contained in the mythicalGolden Fleece, guarded by a dragon in Colchis. Together with hisfellow Argonauts, Jason undertook a long journey full of perils ofall kinds looking for this particular object: thus began ouradventure in the role of the vengeful king greek.

Along the way various Argonautsdrafted, with the ability to choose every time a mission to help usin turn. As you unlock new scenarios, interact with characters thatwe assign new missions of the history of primary or secondary,optional but useful for the growth of our alter egos. Among otherthings, a dialogue and we are both fighting against human enemies andcreatures from the underworld, using three weapons, a sword, a spearor a sledgehammer.

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During the fighting we can use thecombo that turns out to be very simple: we can only switch betweenfast but weak attacks and strong but slow, and it all translates intoa succession of frantic pressure in just two buttons on the pad,always managing to get the better of any opponent, even when thepressures occur randomly. vThe difficulty is extremely low, tooeasy to kill enemies even in the case of the bosses, and if we sufferthe wounds just for a moment away from the action to recover all theenergy.