Even at the beginning, the player attacked with great effects and can not even get time to air this. Such a beautiful, flowing graphics will impress the player though, but at some point you have become accustomed. But gigantic operations in the background, with all its details are not overlooked and you want to quickly lay down the controller and enjoy the scenario. Above all, the level at Mount Olympus with the Titans deserve the greatest attention. Beings to climb, moving heavy and the details in a game through all of them can not be captured is truly unforgettable.

Later levels, act as Hades, then, as if the detailed focus is the developer deviated too much from them. They are, by their dark mood though thematically appropriate, work through their often empty spaces and leave something unfinished. For the enemy to come in great variety and many different designs, often based on mythical beasts. Simple plan brings cutting

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because, although often successful, but not without great loss of health. Who knows the tactics come without problems and even without conceding a goal by the hordes of enemies. During the fighting action and movements remain spared from stuttering.

The blood effects look very realistic from, except for the fact that gallons of blood sprouting from enemies, but it looks like on the ground for less. Kratos but that of the red juice is splattered looks twice as good. It is striking that even the cutscenes is decorated in crisp game graphics. This makes the transition between film and game more fluid and easier. Graphically, the title presents more than breathtaking, with little quirks during the game action, you can see the war but God.