The environments and scenes sparkle with coherent light effects and lots of details at a resolution of 720p. Brilliant work was also done in terms of motion capture. The developer has already services in this direction for the film industry, so that the experience was here in abundance.

About 70 actors have played for months on several roles and characters, then all donated one cinematic appearance. The animations are absolutely authentic, and the facial expression is probably the best with what you get to see up to date. This is also another big plus point that contributes to the emotional and atmospheric feel of the title. At the presentation, there is so little around to complain, it appears only in some places slight tearing.

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Where you left off with the graphics, the sound starts getting started. The usually very depressing atmosphere is accompanied by sad and somber musical sounds, the experience in exciting and thrilling scenes again and again highlights that one here and there can ever expect goosebumps. A nearly perfect performance was achieved with the German localization. As it often leads to emotional outbursts of any kind, it certainly was not easy to fill each character fits. Here but were apparently spared no effort or really any place for a proper voice. Those who prefer to hear the original voices can switch at any time in the game to the English or French and Spanish clay - subtitles included.