Donald Mustard, creative director atChair Entertainment, talks with the English games on the action-RPG Infinity Blade 2, the iPhone and iPadErschen is "Infinity Blade was our first game for the IOSoperating system. Meanwhile, we know the system bessr, and were thusmore effective at work on Infinity Blade 2nd The result is, that'sthe world of Infinity Blade 2 is much larger than the world in thefirst part. We have also managed to tell the story less linear thanthe preceding. " Mustard promises in an interview "hundredsof new weapons" and a specialized system that allows it toproduce unique swords. "These elements give the game thousandsof new opportunities. This brings a whole new draft, "soMustard.

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In addition there will be MSCs (MassiveSocial Challenges), where several thousand players meet togethertasks. "Imagine you had to fight a boss with 10 million pointsof life. If you fight the boss, maybe you'll make it to withdraw him1000 life points before you die. The next time the boss is then onlyplayers still have 9.999 million hit points. " As in the trailerto see on, it will be possible between three differenttypes of games to go. As an example of this is called the Mustardbattle without a shield. . This will give the player more comboopportunities, but also complicate the Parry and Dodge Mustard alsohad the opportunity to test the iPhone exclusively 4S and reported:"Since we had done in the past few weeks a lot with Apple, theygave me the opportunity to test the new iPhone for a while and I mustsay, it's great. This new chip is incredible.