Starkiller wakes up after the back isthe player must help him with his first escape from Darth Vader. Ofcourse, this design is not easy, because it put many Clones anddroids in your way. With simple attacks, such as Force Push and ForceLightning, the player can keep the opponent on their toes.For everyvictory there are power points, with which the skills of Starkiller,improve its power forces leave.

Starkiller is the beginningof the game on more than his opponent, with his two lightsabers, hequickly gives free rein, only the boss fights require from the playerthe stronger power combos. The player receives new force powers, hecan use new combos. Starkiller can learn, among other things, themind trick. "The power of large effect on the mentally weak."Obi Wan has taught already and Starkiller will soon notice that canmanipulate the minds of the opponents so that they attack themselves,for example.

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Discovered on the planet to the players and alsosome shining colors.There are crystals that can be collected andincorporated in the menu in the lightsabers in order to improve theirproperties. Thus, the healing time Starkillers be reduced or therecovery time of power-energy beam, for only when it is full, theplayer can use power combos.

In the menu waiting in thetruest sense of the term or extras on the player. First, a databasecontaining information about the characters reveals, but the realtreat for fans of the concept art, which are unlocked during thegame.