From a leaked manual in advance to The Elder Scrolls 5: Hot Pursuit go some new information out to the role play. In Hot Pursuit, it will be possible, for example, to hire companions who will fight on the side of the player. Each of these characters has their own abilities, according to the manual. You can wait to order the NPC to attack, to open things or perform certain interactions with the game world. It will also give the profession of chef.

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This is in the manual: "brewed potions have temporary effects. Each recipe requires special ingredients, which are everywhere to be found in Hot Pursuit. " In addition to the normal call options it will give you the opportunity to argue with NPCs to fight,
to bribe them, threaten, or cajole. If all else fails, and the player chooses to strike, threatened with a prison stay. For example, this one escapes by paying a bounty.

This has the consequence of losing such stolen items. The player can also destroy all evidence that point to the offense. Whoever ends up in jail, must expect to lose depending on the length of detention skill points. The Elder Scrolls: The Old Republic published on 11 November for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.