Batman, Everyone knows the name, usually has a matching picture in your head. But where the Dark Knight come from? And how he became what he is today? It all begins in 1939 with the success of the Superman comics. The artist Bob Kane and Bill Finger abhaben want a piece of the pie. Kane then comes up with the Bat-Man, Superman, a bizarre variation of red pants, a solid couple of bat wings on her back - and a small mask that only covers the eye area.

He draws inspiration to contemporary films like "The Mark of Zorro" (1920) and "The Bat Whispers" (1930). Although the approach like Bill Finger, Kane but he recommends to make the mask a little hood with bat ears, the costume completely gray tint and miss the Bat-Man long cloak. Now takes the bat man only a civic identity: The millionaire playboy Bruce

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Wayne is born. In the characterization of Bat-Man one uses the popular radio play "The Shadow", in which is a millionaire playboy gangster hunt at night, and the characters Sherlock Holmes and Doc Savage.

The now simply "The Batman" (no hyphen) called crime fighter makes its debut in May 1939 in issue 27 of Detective Comics. This early Batman is still pretty rough around the crooks and even kills. Only in November of that year, Bob Kane reveals the back story of Batman: The young Bruce Wayne has to witness how his parents are murdered. At the grave he swears to dedicate his life to the service of justice and to fight injustice wherever he can. Thanks to his heritage, he tinkers million in all sorts of equipment and vehicles, which are all kept in the style bat. In April 1940, a partner receives Batman: The orphan Dick Grayson as Robin accompanied him in gaudy outfit on his adventures.