Some unknown hackers have cracked a number of Xbox LIVE and EA Origin accounts under the nail. Thus in the last few days in several forums concerned wish to speak , their descriptions are consistent with our own experiences. First, the Xbox 360 for no apparent reason loses the connection to Xbox LIVE and can not immediately login again. Once again you will have access to their own gamertag, is suddenly FIFA 12

in the list of games played surfaced - although it has none of the victims. Achievements also from the "Ultimate Team Play" have been added to the player and the card yet been issued on the account remaining MS points. Were on their gamertag information deposited cash, credit cards or PayPal are charged. . With the points were repeated "Premium Gold Pack" - that player cards for Ultimate Team - bought and then traded for some users (including the author of this report) was the

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haunting but not over: The linked with the Xbox Gamertag Origin EA account secretly joined hands. We therefore anyone happen to know these events suggest, the Xbox LIVE(0800 181 2968) or EA Origin - to contact (0221 37050193) customer service.

The employees of both hotlines ensure that the case is investigated and the accounts go back to their rightful owners. It is also appropriate - should appear in your credit card statement unknown bookings. To inform your bank and credit card or even block , we have asked at Electronic Arts and Microsoft to comment on the incident. To the gamertag hacked EA could give us insight into the lack of Xbox technology is no statement. Even as the hacker could also gain access to the Origin account can not explain the Publisher, investigated the incident but continued.