The first-person shooter Rage offers in the multiplayer part is known only in a cooperative mode and the so-called "Rage Racing" Race. Many people would have liked additional classic deathmatch games. For this reason, some fans cherish still the hope that id could be late filing software this mode may be in the form of DLC. But this hope was now Peter Hines, vice president of Bethesda Softworks, in a recent interview naught. When asked whether the Deathmatch mode on backorder may be downloaded extension, he replied as follows:

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"No, we have long thought that the primary focus of Rage is a really fun single-player experience, which is our Rage Racing Coop and multiplayer mode supports. But the primary focus was on the single-player action shooter and we have implemented. We will not go and try the multiplayer dranzuhangen, only to have him. Multiplayer is something to do what we want and want to do well, but it fits better in the future id products. Not here. "

Also interesting: When Hines was approached to see if any of these future products obsolete, the id-ego-shooter Doom 4 could be, let him answer as succinctly as promising a "maybe".