Basically, Marble Blast Ultra can be defined as a review of the 3D glorious Marble Madness , the original game with isometric view of some twenty years ago in which they had to control a ball trying to avoid enemies and trying not to fall out of the way. Speaking of similarities in the structure of the game could also bother another title, this time recently, which I think has a lot to share gameplay like I'm talking about Super Monkey Ball SEGA: remove the monkeys from inside the beads and add a pinch of level design of the classic Marble Madness, Shake it all and get Marble Blast Ultra .

In summary, the aim is to roll a marble through intricate levels and platforms, reaching the finish line in less time as possible and maybe trying to beat the record for the best in the world rankings recorded on Live. The paths are quite different and above all very different due to the presence of different objectives ranging from '"comes to the finish in the shortest time"

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to "take the first colored diamonds and then get to the finish line." All seasoned with the presence of enemies "passive" as fans are able to make us fall with the air they emit, pinball bumpers, or beams that follow a pendulum motion are likely to invest who does not take the "time" just to pass.

From indicate the presence of power-ups such as singular as fun as the marble giant, super jump, the ball-helicopter to cross crevasses, etc.. Available as many as 60 tracks divided into three levels of difficulty, some really funny as the half-pipe or the skate, but unfortunately some really terrible ruin the whole assessment of this game due to an excessive level of difficulty.