Ken Levine, creative mind behind the BioShock series has expressed unhappiness with the final battle of BioShock 1 and promises for BioShock Infinite improvement. In an interview with Joystiq Levine says: "In every game we do, we tell ourselves." BioShock at that time we had this terrible showdown fight at the end we are not good at something, let's do that again. " And then we come to another point. this is like. "Honey, I never hit you again, I've changed!" and make it yet again.

I think the "real" boss fight in BioShock, Andrew Ryan 1 " (For those who have not played BioShock 1: The scene is about the encounter with Andrew Ryan not a classic boss fight . but a shocking twist in the story that makes the player the

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entire game up to this point with different eyes - ed) Levine continued: "We are not even Shadow of the Colossus .These guys (Team Ico - Ed.) Are geniuses when it comes to [Boss encounters]. Such geniuses we are not. "

The boss fight against the antagonist in BioShock Infinite, the "Songbird", a mechanical giant bird: "I'm not saying that we do it just want to know how to Andrew Ryan, but there are more opportunities [for a final battle] to jump than three times on the head, as in [the final boss in BioShock 1] Atlas. Andrew Ryan was a boss fight. I think and hope the players felt the same way then how satisfied or emotionally moved after a [classical] Boss fight. I also think we should stick to our strengths. And Andrew Ryan was our strength. The theme Songbird must therefore be clarified, but in the sense of our strengths. " BioShock Infinite appears in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.