aroundthree years ago appeared with Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 the most recentpart of the traditional tactical shooter series. The next part is tosay goodbye to Las Vegas and the title Rainbow Six: Patriots comeinto the stores. The report refers to one, according to the Ubisofton 27 October was back up multiple domains. In response to the saidreport is filed, the user 'FLASH' in the infamous NeoGAF forum andconfirmed the rumors. He had received from an acquaintance from thecommercial marketing logos and images

will sound him Rainbox Six: Patriotsannounced in the next issue of Xbox World magazine. He himself wouldnot show any pictures, but can confirm that some images the city ofNew York show in flames and the characters resemble those ofHomefront. The face of the game revolves around a large terroristgroup allegedly, of course, against the Police in Rainbow Six.'sGoing Patriots The publisher Ubisoft has not yet commented on theinformation.