Alarm in the animal kingdom! A largeflock of sheep is in the highest risk. Nasty wolves have venturedfrom the woods and drive along the wool supplier for a tasting.Fortunately, there are the two penguins and Mishmash Cutlet: The twowill become familiar with a road vehicle on the road to hurry totheir sheep friends to help. It is important to collect the whitebrothers and quickly to save them from the wolves.

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The player of course, assumes the roleof both the penguins and the SUV. The vehicle is pulled with the helpof the finger across the screen easily. The sheep must be crossed,then what is paradoxically saved as. Some of the endangered friendsare chained - then help is a key, of which only one can be included.Besides the sheep are still three stars are on the screen that areimportant for the progress in the game - an iron law in the ranks ofcasual blockbusters like Cut The Rope. The shorter the distancetraveled, the better the final scoring. Who wins a gold medal willreceive a crown for the level. Fences can easily break through, thetrees, houses and ponds should be wary, however.

In addition to the 90 main levels, themeadows, snow or desert landscapes show in the Western style, thereare a few bonus levels which are unlocked with a prescribed number ofstars. The game is mostly determined by total stress, the levelsthemselves can be terminated mostly in a few moments. Caution shouldbe exercised only when the leaders of the pack of wolves.