Until the RPG Mass Effect 3 will be in stores attract a few monthsinto the country. Many fans would now like to take a look at thosecharacters who can join the group during adventure of CommanderShepard. But the developer BioWare is keep this little secret untilthe release of the game. This now gave the producer Casey Hudson saidin a interview. According to his statement is a presentation of theavailable group members would give too much of the history of thegame.
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"Some characters you will get,perhaps, some characters may die. Figuring out how all this works isa big part of the story. For this reason we will not betray it. Allthese different characters (from the predecessors) will return aspart of the story. But they will take forward their own thing. "

Casey Hudson also came to speak againto the story of Mass Effect 3 in general. "It is a war story. Itdiffers in comparison to Mass Effect 2 something in the structure. Atthat time there was a kind of collective story in which a dirty dozenwere built. Maybe it looks a bit like the structure of Mass Effect 1,in which there was some detection, tracking and sensing. "