The developer Remedy has a firstpicture of Alan Wake's Night Springs published. The screenshot showsAlan Wake with a flashlight. So far, so familiar. However, themystery is not in-author of Bright Falls and has held his legendaryoutfit recently flannel shirt and nail gun.
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Where exactly does this scene is notentirely clear. Apparently there is but a small Wustenkaff, 15 milesoutside of the eponymous town of Night Springs. And even if thefigure shown is actually Alan Wake is not entirely clear. So it isquite possible that the author skips over the individual episodes ofthe game in the skin of different protagonists and so relived his ownstories. "Night Springs" is the name of a clear to themission Twilight Zone style similar mystery series, which in gameAlan Wake running on multiple TV sets. Wake itself has also authoredthe scripts of some episodes. Alan Wake's Night Springs will bereleased in episodic format via Xbox LIVE Arcade. More information onthe developers want the Spike Video Game Awards on 10Decemberbetrayed.