In an interview with the English gamewebsite Gamespot said the art director of developer Rockstar GamesRob Nelson on new game elements in Max Payne 3 . One of them is thenew target system, the first time in a Max Payne game with zoomfunction (outside of sniper weapons) comes along - as it is nowstandard in 3rd-person and first person shooters. Also new is thecover system, is also almost a standard in the genre. "But theseare only supplements, in essence it is still running around andaround the ball," says Nelson. Another important feature is ""Last Man Standing.

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If Max is severely wounded during abattle and analgesics (pain killers) it has, the hero gets whatshould be a fatal blow one last chance. Then, the time slows down andMax off the shooters must have in order to smash the Painkiller andso health points regenerate. In the interview, Nelson also talksabout the technical improvements to the animations again from whereGTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption known Euphoria Engine are supported.Thus, combined Max Payne 3 precalculated animations and real-timephysics calculations. "For example, if [Max] dodging bullets.Since physics and an animated walk together stance.

You can control must be the directionin which he moves, interact at the same time Max must alsorealistically with the environment, no matter jumps if it has a coveror in a wall or a bus crashes. " Also on the hit animation incombination with Euphoria, the Team work: "I think we alreadyhave a good jump from GTA 4 made it to Red Dead, and you will also bea great leap of Red Dead [Max Payne 3] can detect. If you shoot aperson, we want them to properly respond realistically to the groundand falls. " So the player can see these animations better, eventhe bullet-cam was installed again. While the camera follows a bulletfired from the finish.