The Federal Department for MediaHarmful to Young Persons has the first-person shooter Quake , idSoftware removed from the home of the list of indexed games. This wasannounced by Bethesda Softworks, now at an official press releaseannounced. The deletion is likely to a request by ZeniMax Media, theparent company of Bethesda Softworks gone before. A re-examination bythe Entertainment Software (USK) is currently pending. ZeniMaxGermany is currently working on Quake wiederzuveröffentlichen overGermany in the near future. However, it is not yet known whichplatforms appear to be the shooter is. A specific release date isalso not available.

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In August this year, the two shooterDoom and Doom 2 were also removed from the list of harmful media. Atthe time, the deletion BPjM ground that the violence depicted in thetwo games are now no longer be classified as detailed or realistic /realistically.