LEGO Harry Potter: Years 5-7 go see thefamous Hogwarts school of magic to complete the cycle of studies toour magician and finally eradicate the threat caused whiledall'innominabile Voldemort. The game structure is typical of theseries, that of the third-person platform game that dipanerÓ forfour episodes (divided just like the movies), each containing sixlevels of play, of course, all seasoned with a typical dumb humorthat for years now accompanies the series.

As always have the numbers to play thepart in the lion in the title: in addition to the discrete number oflevels, there is the possibility of using more than 200 characters inall sections belonging to the universe of Harry Potter and LEGOrevisited in their versions. As per tradition, each character has itsown peculiarities and the unity and cooperation among them will be

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key to access all areas of the different levels, collecting all theitems and complete each mission 100%. Present as usual mode "freegame" that will allow the player, after completing the level,back on by using the characters that he preferred to be able to reachparts of the first breaks down, thus adding replayability factor isnot always indifferent and flagship any LEGO game.

Even thenews, albeit marginal, there are, the increase in amplitude as thecentral hub of the game where we can choose the level to play, nowfull of curiosity and a lot more secrets to reveal, and especiallythe introduction of dueling : Challenges to the sound of one on onespells, which are based on a combination of colors made with theright timing. Technically, the game offers the usual and appreciablelevel design that cleverly exploits also the mechanical cooperativesduring the course of history we are going to visit all the placesseen in the movies, perfectly recreated in the form of coloredbricks. Furthermore, all the important scenes are presented in amanner faithful even in the game, however, making them less dark andmature (especially the last two films) and closer to the style ofLEGO.