It's the Wii that we discovered theepisode Twilight Princess. First developed a game for GameCube, whichis felt particularly in the limited use made of the Wiimote. It wastherefore not wait to see Swyward Sword, an episode of the Legend ofZelda specifically designed to exploit a motion recognition dopedMotionPlus. A new episode did not disappoint, as it condenses initself the whole heritage of the saga without missing to reinventsome of its passages as qu'indemodables cult in the inevitabledungeons which the player is brought to rub.

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A great Zelda which began to scare us.Why? Because it took us a few hours of play to accommodate his visualrendering technically far from perfect, especially on HD panel. Thefact is that the visual style chosen is not done to mitigate thealiasing or improve aesthetics. But after a few hours, can notremember the gap between technical Skyward Sword games this season onHD consoles (or Zelda on Wii tech demo of the last U E3) for gettingcaught up by the adventure.

With its colorful graphics, its mixtureof cute DS WindWaker or episodes and the appearance of more matureOcarina of Time or Twilight Princess, his symphonic soundtrackperfectly paced, Skyward Sword is a game which is impregnatedthroughout the adventure. Especially since the immersion is one ofits greatest strengths.