Battlefield 4 will come when there isone date but not a long time. The new maps for Battlefield 3 arehowever safe in December 2011. Then, the PR officer at ElectronicArts certainly been amazed when told her label boss Frank Gibeau at alecture at the University of Southern California, "is obviouslythere is a Battlefield 4 give." Quite as surprising, thestatement is very good but after the launch of Battlefield 3 is notin the last few weeks. And an official announcement was not thetestimony of Gibeau, EA quickly as it made clear in a statement.

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"Frank was talking about theBattlefield series in general, a brand that EA is very important andtheir fans are committed against EA sees," quoted IGN an answerfrom EA to the original message. So until EA officially announced thenext game in the Battlefield series, is likely to take some time. Andwhether it's right around Battlefield is 4 or maybe a new offshoot ofthe Bad Company-series is still uncertain. The next content forBattlefield 3 will appear, however, in December 2011. Then the firstmap pack comes with four newly imposed classic maps from Battlefield2 The " Back to Karkand "DLC is for all buyers of theLimited Edition of Battlefield 3 for free.