Sly Cooper and his naughty cohorts, Bentley and Murray, come back in a product new impressive, time-traveling experience in Sly Cooper Criminals in Time. After finishing their newest heist, Sly goes on with a case of claimed amnesia and dances off with gal pal Carmelita, making Bentley as the owner of the valued Thievius Raccoonus, The Cooper family members historical guide of expert robbery. When Bentley finds that web pages of the guide have started to vanish in front of his sight, he must circular up the group and save the Cooper Group heritage from being damaged permanently.

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Leveraging the handling power and technology of the PlayStation 3, Sly Cooper- Criminals in Time represents the franchise's greatest and most committed game yet with completely re-designed figures, planets two times the size of those in past Sly games, more vivid and heavy surroundings, and real world science enabling for a genuine game play encounter. Remaining true to the franchise’s trademark game play style of mixing turn invisible, robbery, discovery, and fight, Sly Cooper- Criminals in Time will take gamers on a fantastic trip all over the globe loaded with impressive manager fights, action-packed tasks, interesting challenge components, new turn invisible goes and much more.

The Sly Cooper series advances onto PS3 and PS Vita with a further, more interesting game play encounter, such as re-designed figures, all new turn invisible as well as fight goes, bigger, more entertaining planets for improved discovery and robbery, and much more. Presenting the come back of the unique speech performing throw, Sly Cooper and his associates in criminal activity, Murray and Bentley are back, as well as a wide range of other usable figures that have their own unique play designs and trademark goes.