The dispute between the publisher Activision and the game developer Jason West and Vince Zampella is already no longer the polite way out on. Although the two -Modern Warfare Makers have not been for Infinity Ward and Activision to work with, but their own, new studio respawn Entertainment, go to the disputes on compensation and trademark rights. Now employs the matter to the courts.

Documents in the blog Kotaku leaked place, now near the end that Activision apparently the case with legal maneuvers deliberately pulls the length in order to damage Respawn Entertainment. Activision extended the application in December on Electronic Arts (EA), the new publisher for respawn. These documents to prove but now that Activision should have known it for much longer from a roll EAs, but only now brought forward this information to delay the start of the trial.

West Zampella and complain now that this delay tactic they would make as individuals and their new studio in front of serious financial problems. First, the two would have to pay the court costs out of pocket and second, you could not concentrate on work for their new game. The longer the trial would last, the later the title would appear and the greater would be the financial loss. A fact that would exploit the Activision aware.