The developer Square Enix has announcedthat the boss fights in role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII-2 willbe harder than in Final Fantasy XIII. In a pinch, there is a lowerlevel of difficulty.

early 2012, the RPG is Final FantasyXIII-2 on the European market. In the meantime, fans of the "maingame" Final Fantasy XIII perhaps a little train, because of thedifficulty will increase significantly - at least in part.

This is from an interview with MotomuToriyama of Square Enix and Yusuke Matsui with the Japanese magazineDengeki PlayStation forth. According to the two developers willespecially be the boss fights felt harder than it was in FinalFantasy XIII-2. However, it will also create a new "Easy Mode"indicate to which one could draw too many setbacks. If you have evenat this low level does not work, it may be advisable to cancel thecurrent struggle and turn to another scenario.

Furthermore, Toriyama and Matsui cameto speak to the paradigms system. This will celebrate in FinalFantasy XIII-2 comeback. It will however continue to be possible toimmediately switch between paradigms. This is especially the bossbattles and the battles with rare monsters absolutely necessary towin.