Head of Sony Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida has just said in an interview with IGN that the PlayStation 3 was not sold at a loss. Sony has had to wait more than three long years before they start making money on sales of its console HD. The PS3 in late 2006 cost more than $ 800 to produce (it was the first PS3 60GB, integrating the Emotion Engine and fully backwards compatible with PS and PS2 catalogs).

And whenever economies of scale and lower the price of components allow Sony to approach the threshold of profitability, the firm opted to Japan's advantage to establish a price decrease, while the PS3 Slim - less expensive to produce - was launched at a price of $ 299 in September 2009. During the last fiscal year, Sony has reduced its losses, and therefore inevitably increased the cost of its PlayStation 3 but failed to make a profit on each console sold. At last report, there was talk of a net loss of $ 40 per console sold.