Yoshio Sakamato, the inventor of the Metroid saga, was recently interviewed by our Spanish colleagues 3DJuegos through out the episode of M Other.*But he not only talked the game world, indulging in some denominations on the future of Nintendo's home console, which he says will leave everyone's mouth wide open.

"At Nintendo we have an obligation to surprise the players with all-new game console We never copied the other. We prefer to create something entirely new that captures public attention, and I think we will continue to do so for some time. You can be sure, the new Nintendo console will leave you speechless*"formula there as a promise.

The replacement for the Wii Will she specificities related to the 3D terrain as evoked Nintendo President Satoru Iwata bit ago?*Possible to follow the lead to Nintendo 3DS.*But innovations devised by Nintendo could go further.*Still, it will probably be patient, the president of Nintendo of America, Reggie Fils-Aime has already stated that the release of a new home console was not expected in the short term.

"We start work on a new machine when a developer comes up with an idea that is not feasible on the current machine"*he had said in March.*Teasing, the urge to say*"play HD*burns our lips.*