Only in October SteelSeries have fantastic headset for the XBOX360 published a. The Spectrum 5XB, the associated test can be found here . Well, only a few months later they send a new headset to the reindeer. SteelSeries produce with their headsets the best accessories that you can buy his console for.The 5XB has all through excellent workmanship and sound quality produce done before. The best innovation was that the chat and game sound grew louder and quieter made independently. Depending on the situation, one has for large battles still can well understand his chat partner.

The only drawback: The connection to the console.While everything is included and all cables are even long enough to be used in a large living room, but can such a cable can just annoy. Since SteelSeries have now scheduled to introduce the "Spectrum 7xB" the first wireless headset for the Xbox 360. TheSteelSeries Spectrum 7xB combines advanced wireless technology with SteelSeries typical characteristics wz as interchangeable ear cushions, a retractable microphone and the ability to quickly transport it into 4 parts to disassemble and easy. In addition, there was still some new features come with the game on the Xboxexperience to a whole new dimension to your catapult. Wireless has never been so good looking.