The title is self-explanatory: In Tales from Space: About a Blob , it is simply an interstellar Phlegm gobs of a sudden the earth flatscht, and then basically does what by alien puddings have expected it. The blob slimes through the world and absorbed everything that is not with three on the tree.

At first glance the gameplay of Blob reminds About a clear to the Katamari Damacy series. Here and there one is busy absorbing everything that is not screwed or nailed down is to always be larger. And here and there, it makes proper mood to bag small stuff first and then later, people, animals or even entire buildings to absorb. But first things first, because in each section, the first blob reach a certain size in order to progress.

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Sun slimes around the first chunk in the laboratory of a mad scientist, absorbs office stuff, until it is large enough to lift the cork in the drain tube and to squeeze through the spout. In keeping with the oblique gameplay Blobs adventure has an equally weird cartoon look. The colorful environment, funny characters, or the saucer eyes of the Blob: The charming style, you just like to have. Only the music, although pleasant had turned off, use some more variety.

In About a Blob puts even more than just fun soaking up the pitiful surroundings. The slimy adventure is above all an entertaining and motivating puzzles. The Blob gets donated some skills early in the game. Since first would be the spitting absorbed objects. As the irritated people right now with spring guns and even tanks later defend against the threat of alien blob that shoots you back so - sometimes with objects but often little man with cows or frightened. Soon enhance magnetic and electric forces, the blob repertoire. This solves one creative leap tricky physics riddle or deposits.