What exactly is the key new feature of Nintendo's upcoming console, code-named Project Café or Wii 2? The Swedish Page Loading claims to have learned from a source close to Nintendo that there is a haptic touch screen on the controller - depending on the situation it feels the screen at different: soft, rough, smooth. The system with supposedly the working title "Nintendo feel." According to Loading and Apple and Toshiba have been working for quite some time on a similar technology.

As the haptic system should be integrated into games, is still unclear. Clearly it would be nice, a Nintendogs puppy to feel when stroking the skin. Whether this adds more value playful remains to be seen.

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Besides the touch screen on the controller, the new Nintendo console included a Blu-ray drive and full HD-capable. Also the Wii Vitality sensor, to which it has become very quiet, is probably in some form part of the Wii 2 / Project Café console.