Presenting the latest quarterly figures, Electronic Arts boss John Riccitiello als Battlef ield 3and the major competitor Call of Duty 8spoken. Riccitiello repeated while the ambitions of the genre's throne: "We know we have a great competitor.But in head-to-head race with Call of Duty in the third quarter, we have the superior engine, the superior development studio and easily the superior game."

The stated goal of EA is to 3, a significant share of the market erbobern shooter with Battlefield and studios in the pursuer role to push the other. Judging by the pre-orders, DICE are the developers of this well in the race. Thus, Battlefield currently 700 percent more pre-orders won 3 as the successful Battelfield: Bad Company 2 the comparable period.

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"We know of many people that they want to" play the game immediately on RELEASETAG, Riccitiello is looking forward to the great interest in advance. Besides having the reputation that DICE and the Battlefield series among players, plays certainly the release strategy of the publisher role. Electronic Arts all be rewarded Pre Battlefield 3 with a free upgrade to the Limited Edition of the game.