There are those games where you wonder about the sense involuntarily. Bangai-O HD: Missile Fury is such a candidate. Admittedly, it is now the third in a series, but I personally am only now turned on the shooter came into contact with and was therefore more than overwhelmed. In English, the term shape gamers' bullet-hell "for this type of arcade shoot-. That means: In Bangai-O HD missiles fly you balls, missiles and other like in Dutzenpack, if not hundreds of times around the ears.Story or words of explanation are necessary.

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Flying combat robots, which more towards opponents can spit projectiles as when a whole army once you navigate through narrow corridors, then back to open spaces. Fast reflexes and even quicker fingers are the prerequisites for in Bangai-O HD to exist. Continuous crackling a real flood of enemy fire you in a. Though you can also shoot back normal, but your most effective weapon is the counter-attack. Sends exactly the number of missiles to the enemy, just on you target the. This leads to an aggressive approach. Usually you wait until many projectiles to fly as possible, until the counter-attack ignites and sends back an entire missile compartments. Or you can freeze time ado for a moment in which, or use the Dash also very helpful. The fuel for such actions are the fruit, spit out the defeated opponent.