The Swedish developer Starbreeze Studios (The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay ) have now been published on its official website a current financial report. In addition to some information about profit and revenue of the studio can be found in it some interesting facts about the current projects of the team.

"For example, the end of the third quarter in the current fiscal year, an agreement with publisher Electronic Arts completed on the enlargement of the then still secret game" Project Relime 'concerns. Although this agreement was not yet been written down, but it serves mainly the implementation of some improvements in the creative field of development. Behind the name "Project RedLime" many people think a remake of the strategy game Syndicate, but which has not officially announced yet.

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Furthermore, said Starbreeze Studios, the one currently working on a download game, which was self-financed. In addition, a smaller team of staff with the Unreal Engine 3 has become familiar, which would serve as the technical basis for future games.